Blog Better

Many people asks me “how did I created my website?”, “what knowledge should one have?” etc. etc. So I decided to create a new page which deals with all these issues.

Here you may find answers to all your quarries. Just choose the topic you are interested in. I have gone step by step on creating website and a blog process.

Create a website:-
·         How to create a website?
·         Search Engine Optimization
·         What is Google AdSense?
·         Blog vs. Website.

Create a blog:-
·         What is a blog?
·         How to create a blog?
·         Attracting attention.
·         Get started to make money.
·         The power of leverage.
·         How to promote your blog.

Hope you found what you were searching for. If you didn’t just let me know, I will let you know as soon as possible.