Hello everyone!

My name is Divya Parantap and I started making money online my senior year in college. Like most college students I was financially strapped for cash and wanted to find a way to make some extra money.

My very first website was hosted on a free web host and it promoted a bunch of offers where I earned a commission for everything that was sold.

I learned how to get my site ranked near the top of the popular search engines and began to make money. Once I made my first dollar you could say that I was officially hooked on the concept of making money online.

I knew that if I could make one dollar, I could turn that into two dollars and so on. Since that time I have been making money online using these same principles. I build websites on topics that interest me and earn commissions when I refer my site visitors to products and services I recommend.

About this blog

This blog speaks to beginners and explains the website creation process from the beginning to the end. Sure, there are tons of websites like this, but I choose to create a blog on this topic because I found that every other website lacks some or the other feature. If you happen to read this blog, you will come to know that this blog too has a personality, and cracks jokes at instants. Do, what are you waiting for? Go ahead explore this blog.

Thanks for visiting

I hope you found UltimateBlogger.net helpful.  Keep checking back as I continue to update it regularly with more information that will help you build a successful website.  The more I learn, the more I'll share with you.

Take care, and To Your blogging Success!

Divya Parantap