Monday, July 5, 2010

Why do many Money Making Blogs Fail?

Till now I have mention how to have a successful blog. But now I am going to explain you why does many bloggers fail. Understand these and you will have the awareness to move beyond them in your own blogging career. Good Luck!
1. Motivated by money
If you just blog for the money, as you head into month three of your blog’s life and you have yet to earn a penny, chances are you won’t be there in month six when you are still not making anything.

Focus your motivation on enjoying the process of writing about a topic you care about and interacting with others who share your interest. You will have more staying power, will enjoy the journey and will keep at it long enough to be financially rewarded as well.

2. Do not to start a blog about making money from blogging or making money online unless you already make very good money from blogging or Internet business and can present this information in a way that is not already being done by someone else (unique writing style, unique life experiences, etc.).

The same rule applies to any topic that is already saturated with established experts. It is okay to blog about a topic you enjoy and may not be an expert in, but if there are a thousand similar blogs to yours the only ones that will do well are those with credibility.

Credibility can be established with proof or through the quality of the information provided, which generally comes only from people with experience. If this isn’t you, don’t make your life hard. Move on and find a topic you can dominate.

3. Choosing the wrong niche
Just like entering a crowded marketplace can spell doom for a blog, blogging about a topic that there is little interest in won’t get you far either. I’m inclined to say you won’t really know until you try, but if your topic is not mentioned anywhere else online – no forums, no websites, nothing – don’t assume it’s an untapped niche. It could be that there just isn’t an audience.

4. Jumping from blog to blog
I am amazed how many good bloggers out there have a blog that is doing well and then suddenly decide to start another one and divide their output across two blogs. Or even worse, they shut down their good blog right when it’s just gathering momentum to go start another.

If you want to be in the blogging game long-term you have to focus long enough on one blog to give it a chance to succeed.

5. Thinking blogging is easy money
Many people have entered the blogosphere thinking that with an hour or two a day they can become famous and earn several thousand dollars a month or more. I advocate part-time blogging for a full-time income, but that is not an overnight outcome. If you think it will happen to you within a week, a month or even six months, you are going to be disappointed.

It takes work, especially at the start, to build a successful blog, but the rewards make it worthwhile. If your timetable is presently full and you are not prepared to make room for regular, and I mean regular work on your blog, you probably shouldn’t jump into the game just yet.


  1. Great post article, Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Ya you're right - the 1st most important thing in blogging is passion. With passion, your blog will progress. If making money is the main reason to blog, then it'll be difficult to succeed.

    2nd will be sincerity. It doesn't matter if the contents sucks. But with time and practice, I believe the contents will improve. What people value most is the sincerity and honesty of the writer. Anybody can copy and post a great article. But what's the use? Nobody like a copy-cat.

    I don't agree with your No.2 about starting a blog with saturated niche. I believe that everyone has his/her own unique and distinct character and style. It's a question of whether your style 'click' with your readers. We are here (in the blogosphere) to help each other. No one can claim to be 'supreme' in his/her niche.

    As an example, can you name one profession in the world which nobody does? It's a matter of how you go about doing it - how motivated, how passionate, your are in your job.

    As for your list no. 3 I totally agree with you. One need to choose the correct niche. From what I learned, to find the correct niche, choose the one which you are passionate with.

    As per list no.5, nothing is easy in this world. This quote sums it - "You reap what you sow."

    Nice informative post you have here. Keep going, my dear friend.

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    great post. i truely agree with you.
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  5. Hey!
    Great post! I truely agree with you.
    Thanks foe sharing


  6. Ya you are correct! Many bloggers are motivated by money, and dont pay attention to what the visitors want and SEOs.

    Thanks for letting us know.

  7. Thanks Alex! for sharing your thoughts. Everybody have a different taste of presenting the same thing. But it should not be that, you are sticking with a topic because there are thousands of bloggers on the same topic. You should find the topic, which you think you can dominate.

    Take an example: Assume there are two wrestling rings. When you see the 1st ring you find a WWE world champion, and in the 2nd ring you see a skinny. Which ring would you choose to fight? obviously the 2nd one. This is what happen in blogoshere.

    A newbie should take a time and figure out what the top webmasters sites are lacking, and should plan his site accordingly.
    I'll just say "A lazy man’s approach is a hard-working man’s opportunity to compete and conquer the market!"