Thursday, July 8, 2010

Can I Make Money with My Blog?

Why not? In fact making money with a blog is relatively easier than making money with a static website. There are few things which makes it better than the static websites. These points are listed below.

1.    It’s easy to add new content.
Normal websites have one chronic problem that kept everyday people from creating one – they are just too technical. Even with sophisticated content management systems, website creation was out of the reach of your average web surfer.

Blogs changed things. They provide a content publishing system so easy to use that the average net surfer, with some practice, can become a blogger and publish content to the World Wide Web. When content publishing became as easy as writing email, the barriers to entry were lowered enough for it to go mainstream and we now have a world filled with millions of blogs.

2.    Content is updated Frequently
Another major problem that plagues traditional websites is their static nature.
Most websites never change and you always come back to the same pages with the same content. The reason for this is point two above – it is too hard for the average person to add content to a website.

Blogs lower the barriers to publishing enough so the average person can do it. As a result the Web is inundated with content producers (bloggers) writing and publishing articles on a regular basis, sometimes multiple articles per day. Websites have never been as dynamic as today’s blogs. A spin-off effect has been the rise of blogs in search engines. Search engines like Google reward sites that publish valuable content on a consistent basis. Blogs, by their nature, do this (assuming motivated bloggers are running them) and so rise high in search engine rankings.

As a result of blogs “stealing” top search engine rankings, they receive even more attention, capturing the focus of Internet marketers and business owners as they look to blogs as potential marketing tools for their products and services.

3.    Blogs allow people to leave comments
A significant evolution when comparing a traditional website to a blog is the addition of the comments function. Each article published to a blog has an input box to allow any person from the public to leave a comment on that article.

This enhancement turned websites from one-way broadcasting devices, to two way communication tools. Readers can directly communicate with the author of the content, carry on the conversation started by the article and essentially turn a blog into a community.

This last point is more powerful than you think, and here’s why…

4.    People “trust” blog more than normal websites because blogging is a conversation
If you combine all the elements above – the personal journal style of writing, the ease of adding content leading to frequent updates, and the ability to interact with your readers - you have a formula for a very natural communication tool.

Blogs, by their nature, are considered trusted sources of information. They foster a more human relationship and, as evidenced in countless blogs today, some bloggers are perceived as respected experts, whether they are or not, purely on the back of their successful blogs.

This final point is the most significant, yet subtle element that distinguishes blogs from normal websites. If people trust the words written on a blog, if people come to like and identify with the person writing the blog, you have all the elements necessary to create a popular community focused on the creative output of just one person.

This is why any person with a passion, a hobby, or a skill, and enough motivation to produce content on a particular topic, can build an audience, keep people coming back and ultimately, monetize that traffic, establishing the potential for professional blogging.

Much of what I just explained won’t be new to some people, but it lays the groundwork for the rest of this report. If the concept of “blog” is still a bit blurry for you, head online, find some blogs and seek examples of the five points I listed above so you understand the opportunity that exists.

Hope you understood, why is blog preferred more than a website? Now let get started with money making. There is no end to the list “ways to make money by a blog”, but what I am going to write below are the most legitimate and easiest way to make money with the blog.

So lets get started…

1.    Affiliate Marketing.
2.    Hire sponsors.
3.    Text link ads.
4.    In-Text ads.
5.    Paid reviews
6.    Sell your own product.
7.    Offer membership site.
8.    Create an account on Squidoo.

Ok. I have mentioned 8 great methods to make money from a blog. A detailed explanations of each one of them has already given by me in the post “make money from your blog

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