Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who Else Wants to Have a Successful Blog?

How the heck a blog becomes successful? Truly speaking, success and failure of blog all depends on you. But there are few things that are common in every successful blog.

When I started blogging I didn’t even knew B of Blog, but somewhere I was determined to have a blog which would be different from others. I began reviewing every successful blog and tried to figure out what’s the thing behind their success. After reviewing ten to twelve blogs and websites, I suddenly realized that every blog that I visited had few things in common.

Those were the grand points for a successful blog. You should keep in mind those point while making a blog, otherwise your blog would be nothing more than a crap.

Here are those grand points. 
1. Be Original
Being original and writing interesting posts in your field of expertise, will definitely get you regular readers. Being original here means, writing your own opinions, predictions, ideas and articles in your field of expertise. Just because everybody has created “Make Money Online” blog, you don’t have to create one on that topic too. You can blog about something that you like and still make money. Believe me there are millions of people (out of 6+ billion world population) who would like to read what you write, whatever the field that you are expert in (or at least have vast experience).

If you love what you do, it will give you that extra edge. Because when you love something, you won’t have that pressure about finding topics to blog about. It will come naturally. And since you are expert in your field, you can always rely on your expertise.

2. Be Collector
Second way of climbing to success with your blog is to choose a strategy that is actually quite easy to accomplish. You just need to create or collect top-lists (roundup posts) and post them in your blog regularly. 100 WordPress Plugins, 10 Vista Wallpapers, Free 39 iPod Tools…etc all are examples of post titles that you see on these kind of blogs.

·         Example Blog:

3. Be News Reporter
The third method of making your blog successful is to be the first to report on something. Usually blogs that are in this category are very niche in nature. They chose a topic that is very narrow, for example iPod, and will monitor the news for that topic. If Apple changes one icon in iPod they will report about that.

If you have a good source or an insider, it will be an advantage. Because posting first before others, is the key here. You want people to know about something in your blog, and not somewhere else. Therefore not everybody can be News Reporter.

4. Post consistently
Well this matter a lot, especially if you are having many rss readers. I would recommend writing a post daily. This doesn’t mean that you would write a piece of crap and post it on your blog daily. Your blog post should have a quality.

If you are inconsistent you may lose your rss readers. I have faced this problem many a times when I was new to blogging.

5. Figure out what other blogs are lacking
Take a look on your competitor’s blog/website and try to figure out what are they lacking. Your competitor’s weakness could be your stepping stones to success.

You may try doing a survey and ask peoples opinion about you blog and monetize your blog accordingly.

6. Never lose hope.
If you are not getting enough traffic that you thought your blog would get, just be cool. Don’t lose hope; no one gets a sudden traffic, at least not in first five to six months. Just be patient.
When I started my first blog around two years ago, I could manage to get  only five rss readers in first month, and one of the was my mama.

7. Learn from experienced peoples.
This is so key – in any area of life really – and can really help you to improve quickly and avoid wasting time. I recommend not only subscribing to the two excellent resources called Problogger (about blogging) and Copyblogger (about communicating better and more persuasively). I also recommend delving into the archives of these two blogs.

When I started blogging I spent two or three weeks reading lots and lots from the massive archives of Problogger. I learned a lot about blogging, marketing, monetization and what you should and should not do. Before I started this blog I knew very little about blogging. After those weeks I at least had a basic education that was very helpful. If you are thinking about creating your own blog or have just started one I recommend reading the big series Blogging Tips for Beginners over at Problogger.

8. First impression matters.
The most important part of your article is your headline. A bad or boring headline will not entice a whole lot of people to click and start reading. A good one will.
It is the first few sentences of your post that matters equally. If you are not able to attract the attention of the reader in first few lines, you have lost them.

9. Don’t clutter your blog.
You don’t have go minimalist to the max but a cluttered blog makes it hard for the reader to find what to focus on. Experiment and try new ideas out. But also think about what widgets and all of that other stuff you really need. Do they add value for your readers or are they just hanging out in your sidebar? Declutter the unnecessary parts and make your blog look more attractive and focused for your readers.

So these are the methods you can employ for your blogs. If you have personal blog, then you can apply one or more of the methods to your blog. However, if you want to get a good result, then you should create a new blog that is targeted for a particular topic and chose the method that you want to use for it. These methods work better on professional blogs, because personal blogs will have ramblings and other personal posts in it. And not everybody wants to read that.


  1. I totally agree with you. But for a new blogger especially those with little or no computing knowledge, the tasks can be overwhelming and daunting. Setting up a blog, installing the plugins and all those stuffs...learning and reading about other blogs...all these takes lots of time not forgetting digesting the ways and methods...

    With such a massive information overload, the new guy may be put-off unless he/she has the determination and patience!

    Blogging nowadays is completely different from say five years ago. It's very very competitive.

    Like you mentioned, unless the person has the passion in the niche he/she is blogging about or else it'll be quite disheartening.

  2. I totally agree with you, my dear friend. But for a new blogger, the tasks may be overwhelming - the set-up for a blog, the plug-ins, the seo thing, etc., especially if the new guy has little or no knowledge of computer.

    All these may look massive to him/her and may probably put him/her off from blogging.

    Blogging nowadays is entirely different from five years ago when it isn't so competitive then.

    To have a successful blog, one require passion, effort, time, consistency, knowledge and lots more.

    What you've listed here are good basic elements for starting a blog. Thanks for sharing.

  3. ya alex! you are right. Blogging has become very competitive now a days. Its very difficult for new bloggers to achieve success without proper coaching or something like that.

    I have spent months blogging, but still far to go. My previous 2 blogs were nothing, but just a crap, and no one liked to post comments.

    Before that i created a website, but google rejected me from absences approval. So i left it. Moreover it was like pain in the ass, creating a website, but blogger is comparatively easy.

    Thanks for such a good comment.

  4. Yes This is too a great post. You always do something new.
    I agree with you points.
    thanks for sharing


  5. really really a nice blog ,i visited first time but it is very informative thanx for sharing information