Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What the Heck a blog is?

Everyone has a different taste of explaining “what a blog is”. I would simply say that a blog is a “dynamic” website. That means it is being updated frequently and the post are arranged in the reverse chronological order.

In a blog the articles are arranged in the reverse chronological order. This is a very consistent element of every blog I have ever come across. Articles are listed with a title followed by the body content, starting at the top of the page with the most recently published article followed by the next most recent, and so on. 

Adding a new content to a blog is far easier than to add content to a website. Normal websites have one chronic problem that kept everyday people from creating one – they are just too technical. Even with sophisticated content management systems, website creation was out of the reach of your average web surfer.

A significant feature of a blog is, that is allows people/visitors to leave comment. This enhancement turned websites from one-way broadcasting devices, to two way communication tools. Readers can directly communicate with the author of the content, carry on the conversation started by the article and essentially turn a blog into a community.

Moreover, people trust blog more than normal website, because blogging is a conversation.

If you combine all the elements above – the personal journal style of writing, the ease of adding content leading to frequent updates, and the ability to interact with your readers - you have a formula for a very natural communication tool. Blogs, by their nature, are considered trusted sources of information. They foster a more human relationship and, as evidenced in countless blogs today, some bloggers are perceived as respected experts, whether they are or not, purely on the back of their successful blogs.

Hope you understood what the blog mean. I know there are many ways to differentiate between blog and a website, what’s your way?

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