Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Power of Leverage

If you presently have 100 daily blog readers and you publish an amazing article, only those 100 people know about it. If you are “lucky” and one of those 100 people owns a popular blog, or has an email newsletter with 5,000 subscribers and decides to link to your amazing article, then bam – you just hit a big communication channel and you grow your readership significantly.

Once you have 1,000 readers then you have a better chance of hitting a big communication channel since your existing leverage is greater. That’s why the biggest blogs grow quickest – they have great leverage in the form of their existing audience.

Once you have 5,000 daily readers and you post a great pillar article, those
5,000 people act as little and big communication channels for you, bringing more readers, possibly by writing about your article on their blogs, or linking to you in a forum post, or talking about your blog to a friend.

Effectively your audience is your marketing, which is why the largest blogs have to do little proactive marketing beyond keeping the great content coming. The top blogs have the attention of the other top blogs and they link to each other, sharing the wealth of traffic between them. The rich bloggers get richer. Top blogs also have the advantage of a large enough foundation of readers to hit the top of social bookmarking sites like Digg and, based purely on their existing readership.

If you have 10,000 readers it’s a lot easier to trigger the necessary few hundred diggs to get on the Digg front page just by using your audience. No doubt there are many great articles that never make it to Digg because they are published by little-known blogs, while content that isn’t as worthy makes it to the front page just because a top blog publishes the content.

Before you go off grumbling that you will never reach 5,000 daily readers, or even 1,000, remember that every great blog started with no readers. We all start at the same place – at the beginning with a big fat 0 on that traffic counter (or maybe a 1 since you read your own blog).

Your goal is to make it as a top blogger eventually so you can enjoy all the benefits I mentioned above. Best of all, when you do make it there you can focus your energies on great content instead of marketing because your readership will spread the word for you.

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