Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Make Money from Your Blog

All set? Lets begin to make money from your blog.  As I have mentioned earlier blog is basically a website, therefore just consider a blog as a website and you can apply the methods that you use to make money from a website.

But there are few proven methods to make money with a blog that I am going to explain below:-

1.    Affiliate marketing
Well this is the best option to choose if you are having a blog with more than 800 page views/day. Basically as an affiliate you would be recommending your customers to buy specific products or services. And if they buy the product or services with your recommendation, you get commission (40%-75%). The most popular site for affiliate marketing is  The second best option under this category is clickbank.
It also works on the same principle.

2.    Pay per review
This method of making money is also growing day by day. Here advertisers pay you to post an article about them on your blog. If the advertiser likes your post he pays you. If you are new to blogging, this method is for you. Keep your prices lower for first, and slowly increase it with increase of your traffic.  The two best sites which offer paid reviews are Review Me and Pay Per Post.

3.    Sign up sponsors
Sponsors are the persons who buy a specific space on your blog /website to display their ads. This method of making money from a website has been available since the dawn of internet. The idea here is you directly solicit sponsors who pay money to place banners and/or text links on your blog. By doing this you prevent any middleman company from taking a cut of your income, but you do have to source and manage advertisers yourself. If your blog has good web traffic, I highly recommend you to try this method. For newbies this method may not work.

4.    Display Ads
Google AdSense is perhaps the best option under this category. If your blog is accepted for AdSense, Google will be displaying ads on your blog, relevant to your blogs topic. If a visitor happens to click on one of the displayed ads, he would be taken to the advertiser’s site, and you would be given certain commission of what Google made when someone clicked on the ad. How much you can earn by displaying ads depends on how much traffic your blog gets per day. If you are not accepted for AdSense, you can try the second best option of AdBrite.

5.    In-text Ads
Perhaps this is one of the fastest growing methods of making money online. The two most famous sites who offer in-text advertisements are Infolinks and Konters. Once you have been approved with any one of the mentioned sites, you will be asked to integrate a code (basically a java script) to your blog/website. After this every process takes place automatically. The text in your blog gets highlighted with double or single underlined.

Yes I know what you are thinking. By this time you must have notices green color double underlined words in my blog. Those are Infolinks in-text ads. If you hover your mouse upon it, you will see a brief description of the advertiser’s site. With this you can decide whether to stay on this site or move on to the advertiser’s site. Once you move on to the advertiser’s site, I would be given certain commission by Infolink.  Kontera also works on the same principle. 

Still have confusion? Want a video. You got it. Check this video out. Cheers!

No matter what way choose. The basic thing you need is to generate enough traffic to your blog. 

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  1. A good Funny Vedio..he he he

  2. I'm fairly new to blogging and appreciate your post and the video. I was unaware of the pay per review method and plan to check it out. Recently I found out about CPA marketing. It sounds promising as well, although I haven't yet tried that method yet. Thanks again for the information!

  3. @Don Smitherson
    Yes, CPA marketing is a good technique to increase your visitors. I advice you should try it once.

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