Thursday, June 17, 2010

Creating your Website

In this post I am here to explain you the basic things you need to know for setting up your own website. I have seen the biggest mistakes that people do while creating a website is that they rush without doing much research. This often leads to failure and frustration. I have deled with this issue in a step by step process.

So lets begin…

Step 1 – Choosing a Topic

Choosing the topic is of main concern. Topic is everything if you want to make money with your website. The biggest mistake I find people doing is choosing site and blob topics such as “make money online” or “make money with adsense”. By the time I am writing this google tell me that there are 402 million websites and blog on the same word phrase or keyword.

If I flip the side on parental advising or family counseling, there are only 2 million web pages. While it may look still a big number to you, but getting among top rankers is easy here.  

Therefore, choose the topic accordingly. Don’t copy others. If they have survived choosing the tough topic, you may not.

Step 2 – Registering Your Domain Name

There are a million of sites available for registering your domain name. The thing is to choose the best one. Keep in mind few things you need to check out before registering your domain name

1.    Your domain name should match with the content of the website.
2.    Since you are going to pay for the registration, so see your budget.
3.    Choose quite familiar extensions, such as .com, .org, .info, etc, rather choosing some like .be, .ru,, etc.

If you consider my opinion I would say you to choose Hosting24. The advantage of choosing hosting 24 is that you get free domain name with webhosting. Moreover they offer really cheap hosting ($4.84/month for silver membership and $7.84 for gold membership).

Step 3 – Choosing a Web Host

a) You can choose the hosting plans on Hosting24 or a hosting plan of your choice. The normal/regular hosting plans are best for complex or money making sites. This is the most common type of hosting plan used by Webmasters. You cannot go wrong if you choose this plan.

If you need more space, you might want to look into unlimited plans. But let me tell you a hosting plan that gives 50GBs of web space is more than enough. Even the most successful websites don’t use more than 46GBs of web space.

b) Website Tonight is best for simple websites with just text and pictures. I would not recommend this host for ecommerce, affiliate or social networking sites.
Remember, there is no software required for building your website. WST provides templates and point-and-click tools that are all browser-based. That means you can update your site from any computer.

If You Want a Blog…

If you want a blog, I would recommend you not to go for any kind of hosting plans, just sign up for Blogger or BlogSpot or Squidoo, and you can instantly setup your blog by signing into your account. No manual uploading involved. Again, I highly recommend WordPress, instead of blogger, because you never know when the administrator will shut down your account for the fault you have never committed. If you really need more space you may sign up for the free hosting services (I don’t recommend). Even though Blogger is easy to setup and use, it’s not as robust as WordPress. Some people find it tricky to setup static pages with Blogger and organize their posts outside of the standard blog format (newest to oldest). Plus there aren’t plug-ins you can use like WordPress.
DO NOT Choose Website Tonight hosting if you want a blog.

Step 4 – Creating Your Site

If you chose a regular hosting plan then you need to decide how you will build your site. You can code your site from scratch in Notepad (or any text editor) by learning HTML/CSS.

A better option is to buy software like Dreamweaver, CoffeeCup, or Microsoft Web Expression 3 to create and manage your site. The advantage of using one of these two software programs is you can publish your pages right to the web from the software.

All you have to do is login to your web hosting account and setup an FTP username/password. You will use this same user/pass combo to save your pages to the Internet using the software. I used Microsoft Web Expression 3(highly recommended) to build my site and I think it’s one of the best editors out there. It’s simple enough for beginners, but advanced enough for more experienced users.

Don’t want to read much? Just check out the video below:-

Hire a Programmer:-

Another way to setup your website is to hire a programmer that will make a website for you and even advertise it, so that you can earn from it. It is the best option for those who don’t have enough time to sit in front of computer for hours. But it is going to be costly. I would recommend Site Build It(SBI). Site Build It! is really best for affiliate marketing and ecommerce websites. An affiliate site is one that provides content/information on a specific topic and makes money by. recommending related products. The companies that own the products pay you a commission for any sale your site generates.

Lets review it again:-
1.    Choose topic accordingly, I would advice not to choose topic on “how to make money with your website” or “making money online”, etc.
2.    Choose a domain name that matches with your topic. If your topic is on recipes choose domain as “” and not “”.
3.    Don’t choose your webhost overnight. Make a careful research on each hosting service that you like and make a list of all of them. I would even now recommend Hosting24
4.    If you are good in Html coding you can simply scratch your code on notepad and it you want higher experience I would recommend you to use soft wares like adobe Dreamweaver,  Coffeecup, or Web Expression(highly recommended).