Friday, June 18, 2010

Building Traffic to Your Website

Creating a website is tough job, but building traffic is tougher. To know more about creating a website, view my post “Creating your Website”. Here I have explained few simple ways through which you can make targeted traffic to your website/blog.

Lets begin….

Building Traffic to your Website
Building targeted traffic to your website is perhaps the most challenging task of owning a website. I receive more emails regarding this than any other topic.

Your ability to derive targeted traffic to your site will be the determining factor for weather you succeed or fail. Many people assume that they have great idea for a site and traffic would come automatically. People just don’t stumble upon websites like they do in stores on the streets. You have to derive traffic to your website either through paid advertising or through other methods which I have listed below.

This is where you need to be creative, because marketing your site effectively will be the key for your success. I will show you some of the most common ways people promote their websites, but it’s up to you to execute, execute, execute!

Lets get started…..

Search engine optimization (SEO)
I have put this as a first method because this is the #1 method for achieving targeted traffic.
Notice I keep using the word “targeted”. I do so because there is a BIG difference between any traffic and targeted traffic.

I would much rather have 50 people come to who searched for “how to create a website” in Google than to have 500 random people on MySpace find my site because of a bulletin or e-mail I sent out.

Why? Because the people in Google were actually SEARCHING for how to build a website. So I know that my content fits their needs and it is more likely they will buy and become regular visitors. These are targeted visitors. And this is called targeted traffic.

Nowadays it’s all about link popularity. In other words, how many related, popular sites link to you using the keywords you target. These are often called backlinks. And a one-way backlink is much better than a two-way link exchange.

Forums are another way out of bringing targeted traffic to your website. I would never suggest you to go to any forum and just blast away the advertisements for your site. First that’s spamming. Second of all, its worthless. 

The best way to promote your site with forums is to find ones that are related to your niche and develop a likeable profile. If your site is about tennis, find forums related to tennis by googling “tennis forums”.

Join the forum and begin interacting with other members by asking questions and being quite helpful and kind. Slowly they will recognize you and may visit your site, and become targeted members.

This takes time. Just make a habit of posting 5-10 posts per day in the forums of your choice and you will be amazed at how this can help get more traffic to your site in the long-run.

Social Networking Sites
The sites like Myspace, Facebook and twitter can be great place to promote your site.
FaceBook even allows you to create a fan page, so you can use that to promote your site as well.

Even though the founders of Twitter don’t classify it as a social networking site, I would still say it falls in that category.

A lot of people think Twitter is a waste of time, but if you learn how to use it, I think it can be a great traffic generator/networking tool.

Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)
PPC allows you to bid for the keyword you want to be rank high for. Above, I wrote about SEO, which is the process of getting ranked in the free/natural results. PPC is the opposite of that. You will actually be paying for your rank.

Every time someone clicks on your ad/site link, you pay a predetermined amount. The most popular PPC programs are AdWords (Google), Yahoo 
Search Marketing (Yahoo) and Microsoft Ad Center (Live).

This is a great way to bring targeted traffic to your site, BUT you can also lose a lot of money quickly if you don’t track your conversions and money spent.

Article Marketing
Article Marketing is where you submit original articles (that you’ve written) to a directory that allows other Webmasters and Bloggers to re-print your article on their sites.

If someone uses your article, they must also print your info box that contains your bio and link to your site. This is how this technique can bring a viral traffic flow to your site.

Some popular article submission sites are EzineArticles, GoArticles and iSnare

I would NOT recommend submitting the same articles you have on your site. You could get penalized by the engines for using duplicate content. Make sure that the articles you submit to these directories are unique to anything you’ve written or submitted elsewhere.

These were few methods through which you can bring targeted traffic to your website. Is there more methods that I have missed. Just let me know.

“There are too many sites on my topic”
Be careful not to fall into the trap of believing there are too many sites on your topic. Even though there may be a handful of sites out there, you should also check the quality.

What are they missing? Do most of the sites just say the same thing? How good is the writing? Think you can present your ideas more clearly? Do they use video? Does the site have personality?

The truth is, even though there are billions of sites on the Web, the majority of them are low quality. Most people don’t want to invest the time into building a long-term, quality website so they throw up something quick and abandon it shortly after.
That’s good news for people who are dedicated, motivated and willing to take the time and energy to making it work.

“A lazy man’s approach is a hard-working man’s opportunity to compete and conquer the market!”


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