Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blog vs. Website

This is a recurring question I get asked again and again and, it really is a valid question … one I asked before setting up my own blogs.

The basic difference between blog and a website is that, a blogs are “dynamic” websites and a website is “static”. Basically blog can be considered as a website.

A blog is a short form of “web log”, and is a frequently updated website consisting of blog posts, or entries (more often than not, dated entries) that are arranged in reverse chronological order. So when a reader comes to your blog, they see your most recent article or post first.

The advantage of blog over website is blog allows you to post text, audio and video and have it online within minutes. Whereas it can take up to an hour on a traditional static websites.

One more benefit of using a blog is that….Bloggers establish credibility much faster static website owners because blogs by their very nature build a stronger and more vibrant knowledge base. Finding articles on a blog is usually much easier than navigating your way through a static website.

With a blog, you log into your back office, write your blog post and click the “publish” button and your article is on the World Wide Web ready for anyone who cares to read it and, you can categorize your posts making it easier for people to find you both online and, when they reach your blog.

With a static website, you have to open up your editor, such as Front Page or Dreamweaver, write the article (and, I’m assuming you’re using the existing website template), update the page properties before uploading that page to your site using FTP software. Once you’ve done all of that, you have to “wait” until the search engines do their rounds again, visiting your site to get it indexed. This could take months, depending on the strategies that you employ.

Don’t want to read much? Here’s a video for the lazy ones. 

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