Friday, June 18, 2010

Basic Skills you Need for Creating a Website

A Basic Understanding of Web Programming?
If you are here for making a website, then the basic thing you need to have is little knowledge about web programming. You need not have to be an expert programmer but you need to have basic knowledge about Html and CSS.

People don’t take it seriously and underestimate the importance of this attribute. Anyone can through a content and call it a website or a blog. But when it comes to targeted traffic and money making you have to go in depth of this idea.

Somebody can say that creativity cannot come because it is a talent. I agree to some extent, but you can increase your creativity by reviewing successful websites and blogs.

Your thinking can be the reason for your success and failure. There is going to be a competition no matter what topic you choose, so you have to be fine tune your approach and develop a fresh prospective to your topic.

Dare to be different..

Good Writing Skills
Your writing skills especially matters if you are here to make money with your website. My writing skills has improved tremendously over the years. 5 years ago I may have titled my blog post about Facebook mistakes something like this “Top Facebook Mistakes.”

Today, I would take more time with that title and maybe craft something more attention-grabbing like, “10 Facebook Crimes Almost Every Newbie Commits.”

You can see that how second line is more interesting and eye-catching. This is what I have learned over years by studying successful webmasters and bloggers. I really admire them.

I would love to tell you exactly how long it takes to earn x dollars online, but due to many factors involved (your topic, your speed of learning, traffic, conversion rates, etc.) it is nearly impossible to estimate how long will it take to make profit or how much you will earn.

You need to have a great deal of patience and realistic expression. If you are here to learn how to make money in short period of time, then his blog is not for you. If making money in short time were realistic and common, you’d hear stories every night on the evening news and read countless articles in newspapers and magazines every day. People would be leaving their 9 to 5 jobs left and right because they struck it rich online.

Of course you need to read online success stories now and then. But I bet anyone of you would know a person personally who ditched his day job because he was making lot of money online.
Don’t get me wrong. It’s much more convenient to make money online than offline, but it is not easy for most people and it takes time. 

Sure, I may make it look easy because I love what I do and it’s never felt like a job. Nevertheless, I still didn’t become successful overnight. It’s unlikely that you will either.

So there you have it. If you are not willing to learn basic programming to manage/maintain your site, tap into your creative side, perfect your writing skills and have patience then you might as well close this book now. Making money online is probably not for you.